iPhone 12 Pro vs 11 Pro vs XS SPEED Test! A14 Bionic DELIVERS!

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4 个月 前

iPhone 12 Pro vs 11 Pro vs XS Ultimate Speed Test. BLOWN away with the speed improvements! All new 5nm A14 Bionic, 6GB Ram & 5G iPhone 12 Pro Speed Test. App launching, RAM test, Face ID, 5G, LTE, Geekbench 5 & More.
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Zoza Oberle
Zoza Oberle 2 小时 前
Love watching the phone i have get hyped lol. I wasn’t originally going to buy the 12 pro Max but I shattered my 11 😢
Leontine claudio
Leontine claudio 3 天 前
03:31 Amazing, Do you have an iPhone that is locked to icloud ? Now you can use *iRemover* to unlock it, just go to google and search for iremover The familiar Start Menu, which Microsoft replaced with Live Tiles in Windows 8, returned in Windows 10. Users can still access Live Tiles and the touch-centric Metro interface from a panel on the right side of the Start Menu
Hcdt Dhyddf
Hcdt Dhyddf 4 天 前
I’ll still stick with my iPhone 11 Pro for another year or two
MrEpicBruh 7 天 前
Short answer: No
TheFunnySeries 7 天 前
iPhone 12 is only worth the upgrade if you get a good deal on eBay or something. Not the full price. (Open box or something)
Certified Kings
Certified Kings 9 天 前
Sticking with my 11 pro max for another 4 years screw apple’s minor yearly improvement for their ridiculous pricing
Stephen Newell
Stephen Newell 9 天 前
Staying with the iPhone 11
Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles
Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles 10 天 前
Ouuuu I get to say it now “Watching this on my iPhone 12”
Aayan Jahangir
Aayan Jahangir 5 天 前
watching this on a laptop :(
Paully.G 10 天 前
Ok now I watched this again I cba to fork a grand out even if I have a shit SE. Better off getting XS before 13 comes
C. Dynamo
C. Dynamo 12 天 前
*Are we not going to talk about gaming battery life on the iPhone 12 series of devices... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️*
Hung 12 天 前
Your phone is overheating from charging it while using it
HeyUtsho 12 天 前
Play PUBG-Mobile on those-
ali raza
ali raza 13 天 前
I am from Pakistan butt I like your video
ali raza
ali raza 13 天 前
Boss i am your big fine your video
Mr Zombie
Mr Zombie 13 天 前
iPhone 8 gang where u at
똥방구TV 13 天 前
Becareful the Covid-19
Samiul Bashar
Samiul Bashar 13 天 前
Im gonna stick with my 11 pro for more 2/3 years
jasonteow 13 天 前
And I’m here still using a 6 years old iPhone 6s
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls 14 天 前
I've been having this level on performance on android for years....... this is sad watching someone get excited about this.
Choe Veaver
Choe Veaver 16 天 前
Pretty sure the yellow tint is true tone
Marco Salmeron
Marco Salmeron 16 天 前
Yeah it’s “fast”but you have to keep in mind Apple slowed down the old phones
Rix Zin
Rix Zin 3 天 前
That's true but to take it out of context isn't fair. Throttling performance to keep a decent sot is understandable especially with how poor battery life was on the old iPhones. Flagship processors pack enough punch to where they're not crippled by it. Just replace the battery and you're fine.
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus 7 天 前
Well , if you upgrade your battery , the speed will increase, And this argument is way too old , like dude , it’s not 2017 , it’s 2021..
CaparoniGaming 17 天 前
Got the 12 pro max
Vasilis Vasilakis
Vasilis Vasilakis 20 天 前
First of all it’s not a new design it’s an older design that apple 🍎 typically brought back as....NEW! the Xs still is a beast in everything in everyday use still runs smooth fast and delivers still....there is no reason anyone buy the 12 just for the A14 Xs will be the new 6s which by th way holds its own still good enough!
RA Babor
RA Babor 22 天 前
only prob with the xs is the battery everything else is still great.
Trickzy 23 天 前
also the iphone 12 has the same 2nd gen face id as the xs from the 10 so yh no difference nothing to do with the chip
Trickzy 23 天 前
makes no sense paying a $1000 for a phone where a $500 one can do it do not upgrade wait for iphone 13
Trickzy 23 天 前
Now copped a xs (Premium renewed) and happy for it after seeing this test going to be a good upgrade coming from a 6s
Sarthak Basak
Sarthak Basak 25 天 前
That 11 pro must have some problem in it.....a13 is much more powerful
Reece Young
Reece Young 26 天 前
I got the regular 12 instead of pro love the product red colour this year compared to the other other ones I hate the deep red of the other ones glad this year it’s more of a coral/pink colour
Áman Śingh
Áman Śingh 26 天 前
No one gonna open that much apps in the background
Jack McCormick
Jack McCormick 26 天 前
im stuck with the first gen iPhone se
JANKE 27 天 前
What screen protector do you have on iphone 12? And is it smooth or similiar to screen?
Shadowz2 28 天 前
I’m glad I upgraded from the 7 to the 12 pro cause my battery use to die a lot and run out of battery really quick
ALLIANZ official
ALLIANZ official 个月 前
Penonton David gadgetin mana nih👍
Alec Shoemaker
Alec Shoemaker 个月 前
I wish iOS 15 have where if you have no new notifications it will automatically jump to the Home Screen
Aurangzeb 个月 前
Yeah no I won’t be upgrading from my XS max, until unless they remove the notch and give in screen touch id and some more significantly bigger changes
Huzaifa Gujar
Huzaifa Gujar 个月 前
Mohammad Elserfy
Mohammad Elserfy 个月 前
I have the 12 pro 🔥
FireToG 2.0
FireToG 2.0 个月 前
I got an XS for few months now and i don't want to change. It's still very fast even for a 2 years old phone. #iPhoneXS
Ibtesam A
Ibtesam A 个月 前
Keep updating iPhone Xs plz i am proud on my iPhone xs😂😂 iPhone XS IS NOT OLD MAN!
Sakhawat Rahman
Sakhawat Rahman 个月 前
Even if you have iPhone X you most likely don’t need to upgrade, unless: 1. 3GB RAM is too low for you 2. Battery life is too low for you 3. Screen is too small for you 4. 64GB is too low for you
J Joule Kelvin
J Joule Kelvin 个月 前
6:05 where are you EAP? those days are gone. only 1 or 2 months it took to surpass the multicore. wait for next flagship will be surpassed in every way.
J Joule Kelvin
J Joule Kelvin 个月 前
3:33 Lol when apple controls app it will be well optimised. for a freedom users to do anything he can have 8gb/12/16gb ram. 1st apple increased ram because of other companies increase in ram. otherwise you guys would have stayed in 3gb or 4gb idiot.
freddysanford 个月 前
I'm a samsung user but the xs is dumb smooth for its age
Anime Centeral
Anime Centeral 个月 前
I'm upgrading from an iPhone 6 to the 12 pro. yeah its been long overdue
Joe Collier
Joe Collier 个月 前
what's your advice I have an 11 pro should I upgrade to iPhone 13 or wait for the 14?
Prakash 个月 前
My iPhone 12 is slower than my iPhone 8 lmao I got it replaced in time
daniel ferreira
daniel ferreira 个月 前
This man is so handsome 🤤🤤
Svante Torhult
Svante Torhult 个月 前
I have the 12 pro max and it lives up to these results, I watch 4K videos in 2160p and it’s incredible
repairtech&stuff6749 个月 前
where did eap go?? have not posted in 5 weeks
You You
You You 个月 前
What about the max models ?
Ibtesam A
Ibtesam A 个月 前
Proud on my iphone xs!😂
Levinho Fan
Levinho Fan 个月 前
I am seeing attention to you. I am your crazy fan also your work,,, I have no better phone,, Please give me an iPhone for playing Pubg game,,,my friend play Pubg but I can't. And it's my dream,,, PLEASE GIVE ME AN IPHONE💚😭😭💚
The Supreme
The Supreme 个月 前
Im still dreaming to buy an xs max
8티즈 2 个月 前
honestly i would've not bought my current 12 pro max id my XS is still ok (OLED is broken, huge mass of dead pixels in one of the corners, yes i dropped it from a 2 story height. glass didn't break tho, lucky me i guess?) like my xs is still fast, can run the games i play, etc etc, i think they really upped the game back during the a12. honestly my only issue with my xs is that it has a tendency to heat up a lot usually if the environment is hot as well. didn't really want to upgrade since i really enjoy 3d touch, sadly removed it on the 11 up so :(
Sandro St
Sandro St 2 个月 前
Hi Everythingapplepro, great review as usual! I have one question for all of you guys, is it still worth buying iphone 11 pro 256gb for 3/4 of a price of iphone 12 pro (128gb)? I am kind a lost know.. any advice would be priciate!
Crazy Gamer no.1
Crazy Gamer no.1 2 个月 前
*when you realise your phone is more powerful that your pc*
Camron Haye
Camron Haye 2 个月 前
Most Durable iPhone 12 Pro Cases Drop Test please
Vincent Ho
Vincent Ho 2 个月 前
I just upgraded my iphone 6s to xs today . I think i can use it for another 3 years No issue
Vincent Ho
Vincent Ho 个月 前
@TechnoGenisys aswsome !!! i like it so much . i am not a gamer so A12 have not much different for me than A14
TechnoGenisys 个月 前
How’s your experience with Xs?
ravenburrd 2 个月 前
XS is still a beast, when the iPhone 13 comes out I’m going to get it, the iPhone 11 Pro and 12 Pro pretty much the same things just camera and chip improvements.
Ibrahim Jamila galadima
Ibrahim Jamila galadima 2 个月 前
Madeeasyhack thanks you so much, he just unlock my iCloud he’s the best on IG
Ridwanul Islam
Ridwanul Islam 2 个月 前
This guy really put frozen fruits on his iphone to cool it off. 💀
Jonathan Arenas
Jonathan Arenas 2 个月 前
Just love his hands ⭐️
Franky 2 个月 前
I wonder if a screen protector for iphone 12 pro will fit on an iPhone XS Max 🧐
Camron Haye
Camron Haye 2 个月 前
I've been a fan for a long time you've basically thought me everything I no about iPhones
Camron Haye
Camron Haye 2 个月 前
I used the iPhone 12 pro max for a week I no not long enough and I loved it but the size for me ruined the useability /reachability how do you feel about your max and are you not a fan of the pro
Hesndnsbs Bdndsndksk
Hesndnsbs Bdndsndksk 2 个月 前
DOES ANYONE HAVE A YELLOW TINT ON THE IPHONE 12..... my previous Xs looks to have a whiter screen than the iPhone 12 which seems to show a yellow tint lol.... anyone know a remedy?
Carson Ho
Carson Ho 2 个月 前
Surprised at how a 2 year old iPhone XS holds its position and not make the back camera overwhelm.
Sirius 2 个月 前
12 pro max gang 😎
Alex Donis
Alex Donis 2 个月 前
Who is watching on an iPhone
Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame 2 个月 前
Should i buy xs max or 11? Help me, i'm still can't decide for days
Liel 23
Liel 23 2 个月 前
11 is slightly faster and better,
Nani's Lovely Tech in telugu
Nani's Lovely Tech in telugu 2 个月 前
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private gaming
private gaming 2 个月 前
i got all them they are so bad lol NOOOB
Theboss47 2 个月 前
32gb with a19
Theboss47 2 个月 前
My 12 pro max has been getting scratched Shockingly easily I have 1 deep scratch and about 10 light ones just from daily use since launch.
Hara8777 2 个月 前
The best performances for less money. The best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The iPhone 11 pro offers you the best of technology. The best camera with a lot of memory really looks perfect. www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZPKZSSC/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=youtube09f5b-20&linkId=520a5a339b56b32a6a64ae6f4e3ea109&language
NZTYNAZ 2 个月 前
iPhone Xs GOLD user here 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️
GoodrumMC 2 个月 前
Why xs keeps beating the 11 pro?
Ze Shu
Ze Shu 2 个月 前
I'm still mad I bought the maxed out MacBook Pro from Mid 2020 like 2 weeks ago and then the M1 came out and it's like twice as fast and twice as cheap (2080ti owners can relate)
Vikram Thakur
Vikram Thakur 2 个月 前
Is the lens flare thing gone or still there
iPad Air 4 gang where you at😂
Geovanni Mondragon
Geovanni Mondragon 2 个月 前
Im upgrading from my iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 12😱😱🤟🏼🤟🏼😎😎
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad 2 个月 前
Bahi please iPhone gift
Tom Penning de Vries
Tom Penning de Vries 2 个月 前
Is it me or does switching within the camera app to portrait mode take a while?
Rohan Kadve
Rohan Kadve 2 个月 前
Just got the 12 Pro Max !😍
Daemon247 3 个月 前
my XS score is Single core 4827 Multi core score is 11414.
tgl cam
tgl cam 21 天 前
thats geekbench 4 not 5
Ashish Rawat
Ashish Rawat 3 个月 前
You skipped angry bird in xs ram management round
geloadazza 3 个月 前
Iphone X gang??
Manoj Negi
Manoj Negi 3 个月 前
Hyperion7842 3 个月 前
I didn't notice the among us game
Jaswinder Bansal
Jaswinder Bansal 3 个月 前
There’s no point in upgrading from a XS.. people with an iPhone 8 and lower should consider the upgrade
Andrei Veneteanu
Andrei Veneteanu 3 个月 前
I think your iPhone 11 Pro is definitely broken. Your antutu is very low, as well. I have an iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB and it runs ✨flawlessly✨, also got a great antutu score.
Diokitty 3 个月 前
My 3g works fine, maybe I’ll upgrade next year
Florencia García
Florencia García 3 个月 前
I have the iPhone 11, should I switch?
Momo 3 个月 前
*casually watches this through my iPhone 6s after charging it for the second time today* I’m fine 🙂
Momo 10 小时 前
@Gabs DTD I felt that. I was contemplating on getting the 12 pro max too, but I knew for what I needed a phone, I needed to upgrade. I didn’t pay mine in full tho, it’s on finance for 2 years so it helped with my money handling lol. When I did decide to upgrade (finally) my 6s was charged-bound completely, I couldn’t take it off
Gabs DTD
Gabs DTD 18 小时 前
Mine was doing great until last week...now I have to charge it twice too...I’m thinking of getting the 12 pro max, but I’m not sure about wasting that much money...
MrBroodjeShoarma 21 天 前
James Walters
James Walters 24 天 前
Me casually sitting here with 59% battery health
Young BlackMO
Young BlackMO 29 天 前
Gemma loves Everyone
Gemma loves Everyone 3 个月 前
I got had a iPhone XS. I upgraded to a iPhone 12 pro max
StALiC 3 个月 前
tony cave
tony cave 3 个月 前
Where’s the 12 Pro screen protector from? It’s nice.
Eric 3 个月 前
AT&T with their shitty "5G" claims... such bullshit that they're the only company that does that shit... can't believe you're only getting 5Mbps download
Bjorn Hermansen
Bjorn Hermansen 3 个月 前
When are 12 series cases going to be available through Phone Rebel?
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