iOS 14.2 Released! Final Review

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3 个月 前

Final & Ultimate iOS 14.2 Review. All the best new features, changes, speed, & more before updating! Why you should update to iOS 14.2 today!
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CAROLINE Emelia 个月 前
*i got this new iPhone 11 pro from eBay to my surprise is was locked with icloud I tried all I could to unlock it but now way until I was referred to this hackers **#zinotech11** on Instagram who helped me delete icloud he is truly a genius*
Meir Cohen
Meir Cohen 个月 前
New wallpapers !!!! Wow Definitely a revelation !!!
Drum Obsession
Drum Obsession 个月 前
Woahhh didn’t know about the Shazam thing
シBelle 个月 前
when your phone was just *one* phone too old to get it.. luckily i’m getting the 11 so i can finally see what my friends talk about 😃
Nicolas Gamer
Nicolas Gamer 个月 前
Umaru Doma
Umaru Doma 2 个月 前
Hi, I’m not sure if anybody can help me but I’ve been having issues with the Chrome app since iOS 14.1. After updating to 14.1 when opening multiple tabs and then turning the phone horizontally, the pages don’t fit on screen properly. I’m not sure if this is a bug but it was working perfectly fine prior to updating.
Camron Haye
Camron Haye 2 个月 前
Most Durable iPhone 12 Pro Cases Drop Test please
Hannah Lana
Hannah Lana 2 个月 前
Was so scared that my iPhone 11 pro was gone but with the help of xachacks on IG i got my problem resolved
haley david
haley david 2 个月 前
*My sweet grandson tried to give me his old iPhone but he forgot the icloud password for it.i think him keep trying to unlock it made it lock worse or so.we ended up reaching out to zino-tech11 on Instagram he was able to finally this iCloud lock remove thanks*
Ibrahim Jamila galadima
Ibrahim Jamila galadima 2 个月 前
Madeeasyhack thanks you so much, he just unlock my iCloud he’s the best on IG
Michelle Joy Ramos
Michelle Joy Ramos 2 个月 前
Pls help . I just upgraded my iphone 11 to ios 14.2 and sometimes while i am watching or playing games and I tested doing screen recording but suddenly becomes all black and loading for 3 secs then my apps are all exited then back to normal . This happens 3x already.
GBass 2 个月 前
What is the problem with battery life with iOS 14.2 on an iPhone 11??
Averine Castillo
Averine Castillo 2 个月 前
Nicole Mims
Nicole Mims 2 个月 前
Is anyone else having issues with the alarm clock deleting its self and the not going off along with the sound shutting off by itself?
Mc juggie squad
Mc juggie squad 2 个月 前
The rebel case is plagiarized
avreeL 2 个月 前
I didn't know where to ask, maybe someone here can advise me. should I upgrade From IOS 10.3.2 (IPhone 7)? mine works perfectly fine, Does that big gap between updates can affect negatively on the device performance ?
molnar csaba
molnar csaba 2 个月 前
I amazed how good does ios 14.2 run on my iphone se(1st gen).I'm totally satisfide.
Star power
Star power 2 个月 前
please address the iphone 12 pro models camera flash toggle! it is horrible and a step backwards! very annoying to NOT have the option to quickly turn on flash for photos AND video, also i hate that there is no option to turn off night mode easily, it is ALWAYS set to on
Hara8777 2 个月 前
The best performances for less money. The best mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The iPhone 11 pro offers you the best of technology. The best camera with a lot of memory really looks perfect.
Jasim Ahmed
Jasim Ahmed 2 个月 前
Oh brother my phone is the iPhone SX max so I update the new version 14.2 then it’s not working properly my phone it’s my battery taking too much so what I will do now? Tall me please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Tony Chee
Tony Chee 2 个月 前
My iPhone 6s battery drain very fast and gets very hot in this iOS 14.2...
Steve 2 个月 前
Whats with the group messaging not working on the 12 series phones? Even with the update.
Denver Stenberg
Denver Stenberg 2 个月 前
This reduced my stress
Sebi's Random Tech
Sebi's Random Tech 2 个月 前
When I updated to iOS 14 on my iPhone 8, I noticed the timer/alarm icon wouldn’t appear in the top when I set an alarm. It appears with iOS 14.2 this was fixed.
K K 2 个月 前
We’ve come a long way from those Cydia days.
Marius Ionescu
Marius Ionescu 2 个月 前
#EverythingApplePro hello! hello! I'm trying to reach out to you - please hear me out. I'm using an iphone 11 PRO and ever since I've update to ios 14/14.1/14.2 (currently running ios 14.2) I"m experiencing some weird issues with RAM MANAGEMENT which I have never experienced before. Just to describe it - every now and then my apps in the background ( mind you I don't have many) are being closed. I have photo to prove it. I just don't know how to fix it. Anybody else experienced the same? please let me know
Hekamiah Toe
Hekamiah Toe 2 个月 前
I heard about it
Hekamiah Toe
Hekamiah Toe 2 个月 前
When will the 14.3 come?
Dee ee
Dee ee 2 个月 前
Am i the only one having a problem whenever I open sent photos in messenger? It always says “This media is no longer available” but if you keep on opening it, it will show the picture. Anyone can help me with this? Thank you! I’m using iphone 6s 14.2 updated messenger btw
justine_yancamo 2 个月 前
hope i win giveaway
SheSo MAJOR 2 个月 前
David Leos
David Leos 3 个月 前
I only wish they added an option to toggle off the messy Android-like app library 🤮
Steve Wise
Steve Wise 3 个月 前
Wish I had your luck. Mine is dropping LTE and WIFI on a regular basis since the update, no longer recognizes websites I've been dealing with for years and Google thinks I'm a robot. Not happy.
Jasman 3 个月 前
They absolutely ruined swipe to text. Swiped in “you” results in “your” for example. Apple is getting worse than the Android platform
Manoj Negi
Manoj Negi 3 个月 前
kalim khan
kalim khan 3 个月 前
Zach Shea
Zach Shea 3 个月 前
so 14.2 has a lot of new bugs, huh?
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia 3 个月 前
Did not notice that music update lol thanks bro😎
ThaJaimzterr 3 个月 前
71donkrider 3 个月 前
Aww no number row on top for texting GTFOH
Glizzy Glzo
Glizzy Glzo 3 个月 前
After the update my calls don’t show up in the left corner when I swipe up to not answer a phone call does anyone have advice .. please and tia.
Matei Orha
Matei Orha 3 个月 前
Is it just me or after updating to 14.2 my iphone x refuses to charge via cable? it shows up in itunes, headphones work fine, wireless charging works but charging with a cable only works after the phone shuts down at 1%. i plug it in and immediately after booting up automatically it stops charging...
its YOP
its YOP 3 个月 前
Bemni K
Bemni K 3 个月 前
Hey guys when i use siri there’s yellow button on in upstairs how can i off please anyone can help me write in reply
jayson youtube
jayson youtube 3 个月 前
Music is still lacking lyrics. This is the only thing keeping me to stick with spotify.
Sheikh Rifat
Sheikh Rifat 3 个月 前
Henry King
Henry King 3 个月 前
Did they fix the battery life on older devices with the new update??
Football TV
Football TV 3 个月 前
David McDougall
David McDougall 3 个月 前
iOS 14.2 piece of crap. I now don’t get iMessage notifications and the only fix Apple have released is for 12 models not earlier. Very unhappy.
Yannick Neumann
Yannick Neumann 3 个月 前
How did you setup your screensaver so nicely?
Drew Tanner
Drew Tanner 3 个月 前
Kz Goat
Kz Goat 3 个月 前
I can’t update
Static_Kloudz 3 个月 前
🍕🍝🤌 mama Mia
Saurab 3 个月 前
you mean iOS 14.3
La Cupertino
La Cupertino 3 个月 前
Watch me
Farisha Ayu
Farisha Ayu 3 个月 前
Ios 14 made my iphone 7plus gone black.. does anyone updated to ios 14.2 and it works better ?
Ori Talmor
Ori Talmor 3 个月 前
They took the auto play down i can’t bealive it
Ano_nymous 3 个月 前
They need to bring back the “up next” so I can confirm if my next alarm is on
Emiliee Kraftsoff
Emiliee Kraftsoff 3 个月 前
So interesting
Everything Mopar All day
Everything Mopar All day 3 个月 前
@everythingapplepro how come Picture in Picture is not working on 14.2 iOS please advise
Everything Mopar All day
Everything Mopar All day 3 个月 前
@everythingapple How come Picture in Picture is not working on 14.2 please advise
TechCrasher 3 个月 前
Today i bought iPhone 12 after years and years of Samsung and i love this phone ❤️ This shit is crazy
Fort D
Fort D 3 个月 前
I’ve noticed after updated to ios 14.2, set volume action on shortcut will change media volume only.
Si_ 755
Si_ 755 3 个月 前
When i ask Siri about my Update she says there’s a problem try again
Ke Jin
Ke Jin 3 个月 前
Could you do some test to see if 14.2 has the Lock Screen sound bug? If you put the magsafe charger or case on, if would instantly change the Lock Screen sound, even keyboard typing sound. if you reboot the phone, it goes back to normal. I believe the magsafe changes something inside ghe the phone.
Saurus 3 个月 前
Still had the delayed notifications issues, new emoji, new wallpaper are useless.
Leszek S.
Leszek S. 3 个月 前
I love ios 14.2
Alandav 3 个月 前
This update is so buggy on the 7 Plus
Heime101 3 个月 前
Why doesn’t anyone talk about the new setting for AirPods and HOLY CRAP transparency mode is so amazing now 10x better and noise cancelling is better as well, just got iPhone 12 max had the jailbreak on my 11 max so didn’t have iOS 14. But nobody has talked about the new saiid features for AirPods transparency and it helps I like it.
Sona k
Sona k 3 个月 前
When will you compare iPhone with Samsung
Mukundi Munzhelele
Mukundi Munzhelele 3 个月 前
Are the giveaway results out
Fredy Reyes Vigil
Fredy Reyes Vigil 3 个月 前
When are you gonna release a case for the new iphone 12 pro max!!!? I'm in love with your desings and can't wait to get your case to protect my iphone !
yosf algad
yosf algad 3 个月 前
i have questions about ios 14.2 or ios 14.3 on iphone 12 and iphone 12 pro and iphone 12 pro max do we need wifi any more to download the ios software update or we can download it over 5G
yosf algad
yosf algad 3 个月 前
great video 👍👍👍
Cesar Mendez
Cesar Mendez 3 个月 前
How can I fix the CNpost app constantly reloading issue?
Islam Ezzat
Islam Ezzat 3 个月 前
Battery drains very faaaast after this update iPhone X 256 b Anyone else has same issues
Esteban Collazo
Esteban Collazo 3 个月 前
Do you know when the heck they’ll install the hotspot again ?
Moses 3 个月 前
Are the iphone 12 cases gonna look like that? Because that looks like just any other case. I really hope youll do something like 1st gen because those are EPIC.
Riley Olson
Riley Olson 3 个月 前
I want every wallpaper they’ve ever made. Like wtf even the Mac ones on iPhone. Give it to me
Alpha Turay
Alpha Turay 3 个月 前
It's really beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Raijin 3 个月 前
I just want pic in pic youtube
Choco Loco
Choco Loco 3 个月 前
5:02 pretty much useless, you can’t see anything that is happening
Choco Loco
Choco Loco 3 个月 前
3:40 it seems to be showing from Pandora!
galefraney 3 个月 前
I went to the Phone Rebel website to find out who won the iPhone 12/12 Pro (3x) and AirPods, but there is no mention of this Giveaway, nor any link to a blog or alternate social media platform that announced the winners. Where can the list of winners be found?
Tech Roar
Tech Roar 3 个月 前
Above all, I’m going to love the new emojis and the music interface from Control Panel.
Prashant Hota
Prashant Hota 3 个月 前
Can you please make a video on iOS 13.7.1 which was prebuilt in iphone 11 with latest iOS 14.2 soon, a battery comparison between iOS 13.7.1 and 14.2 on iphone 11. Please make this. Love from India 🇮🇳
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright 3 个月 前
The issue with not displaying some iMessage notifications is really pissing me off.
Parasappa Kamati
Parasappa Kamati 3 个月 前
Sir make video of on the fingerprint sensor In iPhone 12 pro max
chloe mann
chloe mann 3 个月 前
What update will the I phone 12 pro max have? This new update? I’m not able to hear the video my sound doesn’t work
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 3 个月 前
have they announced the giveaway yet :(
Who else have have to disconnect their WiFi and turn it back on to have a connection to have access to the Internet ??? And always have WiFi drops when on a FaceTime call ?? I’m on my iPhone XR with ios 14.2 😭
Daniel Beckett
Daniel Beckett 3 个月 前
I havent updated to ios 14 yet, i just wanna know - do you HAVE to have widgets? Or is it just an optional extra? I dont like the idea of widgets
Aleksey Kruglikov
Aleksey Kruglikov 3 个月 前
Love it thanks for the breakdown!
Kesiena Okoro
Kesiena Okoro 3 个月 前
Give away
Chong Xing Rong
Chong Xing Rong 3 个月 前
safari zoom in n out in video have bug
Ismerie Roos
Ismerie Roos 3 个月 前
Is there a pink heart emoji?????🥺
Lijesh Kayila
Lijesh Kayila 3 个月 前
Always your presentation was very nice😍keep it up&god bless you🙏
Isaac Siao
Isaac Siao 3 个月 前
“Improve handwashing”? For the love of my sanity please tell me that isnt what it seems....
Volley Vibes
Volley Vibes 3 个月 前
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