Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test!

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Battle of the titans! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra durability drop test w/ Gorilla Glass Victus vs iPhone 12 Pro Max's Ceramic Crystal! Which glass is best?
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nazir ahmad
nazir ahmad 3 小时 前
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Hamza Mubashar
Hamza Mubashar 4 小时 前
Pagan insan
Ivan Serious
Ivan Serious 4 小时 前
Подарите лучше мне один из них:))))
Silvia Baku
Silvia Baku 7 小时 前
This is CRAZY😱😠 Some peoples don't have a chance to buy a phone, but just Look This!?!
Tazzy 225
Tazzy 225 8 小时 前
I am nightmarishly disappointed that the newer iPhones and Samsung (sAMOLED) are now having PWM in their displays! I am nightmarishly sensitive to PWM!
Samin Shah
Samin Shah 8 小时 前
I doubt anyone would drop there phone from such a height
Sry Wulandari05
Sry Wulandari05 9 小时 前
Ya allah sayang banget Bagusan tuh hp untuk aing aja mas
KSV1720 Gadanisparshprashantbhai
KSV1720 Gadanisparshprashantbhai 15 小时 前
If u have money sir so plz give me i phone 11 because I do not have a good atorage phone for my online classes
Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow 16 小时 前
Me: I wish I had an iPhone 12 CNpostrs: they just easily destroying iphone 12 It's break my heart🥺
Swalih NK
Swalih NK 16 小时 前
Give me that complaint mobiles to me please
Bhat Farooq
Bhat Farooq 16 小时 前
Man please give one phone to me
StarZ1 19 小时 前
I can feel his pain every time he drops it over 2k waste
carol 19 小时 前
meudeus, que agonia de ver issoJKKKKKK
Yesheng Qiu
Yesheng Qiu 20 小时 前
dang you are so rich
Ndal Akade
Ndal Akade 天 前
الله لا يوفقك😂
kyler Hunte
kyler Hunte 天 前
Why would a person drop they phone from way up there
Daaamm bro I wish I had even 1 of those that your dropping I'm using a 2017 LG but I'm happy with it ...I'm from JAMAICA
Pls give me a phone
Pls give me a phone
Please give me one phone
Bruce Omondi
Bruce Omondi 天 前
It hurts seeing this coz I don't have a phone
Marlon Martins
Marlon Martins 天 前
send me the broked Samsung cell phone
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai 天 前
Send phone to both these mobiles from my address
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai 天 前
We only dream about this mobile
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai 天 前
It would have been better had it given both of them to me
Sameer Ansari
Sameer Ansari 天 前
Nice video
GwS GamingWithSaidul
GwS GamingWithSaidul 天 前
Bro gift me a Mobile phone plz 😥
Kim Nikky
Kim Nikky 天 前
Well I am really thinking how jungkook broke the phone now
Hk Hasib
Hk Hasib 天 前
Hallo broo in your big fan please give me a iphone my facebook name RJ Hasib please broo please 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ please
12 pro max op
thts why dont build heavy phone
Ratul Mahmud
Ratul Mahmud 天 前
Don't do this it hearts in our hearts.
Kamy MD
Kamy MD 天 前
Samsung ist wirklich scheisse, ich werde niemals haben 💩🖕🖕
Brogan Josh
Brogan Josh 天 前
$279.00 to fix the Ultra screen vs 600 for the Iphone
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali 天 前
These type of videos is so fu**** bad if u have money so why you wasting like this invest on poor peoples don't waste like this 😣
AlloyPretax 天 前
Guys its just a test 😪
Chico Maravilla
Chico Maravilla 天 前
I'm an iPhone fan but can't afford to buy one hahaha😂
Kian Tara
Kian Tara 天 前
Samsung best smartphone
Bro can you give me i phone 11
andresito garcia
andresito garcia 天 前
This phone no break story a los demás por su culpa a su familia 👪 que no se puede perder de telefono
andresito garcia
andresito garcia 天 前
andresito garcia
andresito garcia 天 前
Hey guys
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James Wolf
James Wolf 天 前
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Nimra malik
Nimra malik 天 前
I have Samsung galaxy j7 .. 2016 model 😢
Nimra malik
Nimra malik 天 前
Give it to me plz ...😣
Mais sarsour
Mais sarsour 2 天 前
Gust S21 ultra
يومياتي انا وامي
يومياتي انا وامي 2 天 前
How long please
Clayton Coetzee
Clayton Coetzee 2 天 前
20inch drop on bathroom tile and back glass broke on s21 ultra
Deep Gaming
Deep Gaming 2 天 前
Ooo he is so bad
zahid all others
zahid all others 2 天 前
every drop, shoot my ❤️
CheeseSlip 2 天 前
The phones don’t rlly want to shatter when in a drop test. When you accidentally drops it it breaks
Alexander De Santis
Alexander De Santis 2 天 前
4 minutes in: the screen curve didn't make it land face down...It just landed that way (possibly due to the weight of the camera bump) initially. The bottom panel didn't contact the ground first, the front of the phone at the bottom hit the ground. I just wanted to correct you on that
Sk Bellal5656
Sk Bellal5656 2 天 前
না ভাঙ্গে একটা মরে দে
제단 소년
제단 소년 2 天 前
제단 소년
제단 소년 2 天 前
Sidekick music
Sidekick music 2 天 前
i wont a phone
Emir Ada
Emir Ada 2 天 前
If we change the cases and screens of the phones, it will not break in any way.
Nadir khan
Nadir khan 2 天 前
Send me iphone 8+ free and i am a boy not a girl
Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan 2 天 前
I ask from 1000+ youtubers who are making videos like u to gift one phone but no one is replying is it not better to show urself to the world to help poors instead of broking 😔
남하윤 2 天 前
Samsung's power: endurance iPhone's power: design
༺ ʂιʅҽɳƚ ɱαɳ ༻
༺ ʂιʅҽɳƚ ɱαɳ ༻ 天 前
Dynamic Amoled a display is not cheap and harm it eye technology automatic save it eye and cost 16000 iphone le poor 😭 s21ultra 16gb ram le iPhone😭
Evan Reichert
Evan Reichert 天 前
Well technically the Samsung lost because the the touch scanner broke while apples Face ID was completely fine. Also, the fact that the lens popped out so easy because the build quality is so poor is pretty bad. Most people would also rather having the back cracked then the screen crack cause most people cover the backs with a case and u touch the screen way more.
cyber cartoon zone TV
cyber cartoon zone TV 2 天 前
Bro .y u westing money in the name of experiment. Just to earn money from youtube??.u could helped some need people .the amount u wasted. This experiments are not helps people okay. If u cant eable to help need people then give it to government. They will help through out in any way to need peoples .
Sean Lynx Arciaga
Sean Lynx Arciaga 2 天 前
Apple be like : we sell high quality phones Samsung : are you sure about that?
Rashed Hasan
Rashed Hasan 2 天 前
Head hight dropping was not in case of iPhone. 12
Corona Modi Helpdesk
Corona Modi Helpdesk 2 天 前
Nice video
Eishwar Kumar98
Eishwar Kumar98 2 天 前
Please give me iphone XM please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
chaima bennour
chaima bennour 2 天 前
Give me one iPhone please!!!!😂😂
Kool Dude Unboxing
Kool Dude Unboxing 2 天 前
Frnd if you don't want the phone pls don't damage it give it to me seriously plsss pls before doing the next video give me the phone which is targeted to the damage . Pls give
Cat_ Blackout
Cat_ Blackout 2 天 前
It hurts to see
Jesse Jansen
Jesse Jansen 2 天 前
You could just give me the s21 ultra 🙏If you're breaking it.. 💔🙏
JOK ROSS 2 天 前
ماكو عربي🙃
Matsu Drew
Matsu Drew 2 天 前
U can give the broken iphone to me .
Md Shajid Star
Md Shajid Star 2 天 前
HOPE link
HOPE link 2 天 前
It's just science bro s21 fall like a dump
J. H.
J. H. 2 天 前
Doing a drop test when a certain % will not ever have a phone this good.
Andrew Blickos
Andrew Blickos 4 小时 前
Yeah lol
Wejdan Almahdi
Wejdan Almahdi 2 天 前
Me when iPhone12 pro broke “So Are you happy now?”
xXKennycrXx 2 天 前
What do I want to do for a living? :Phone falls down from his hand: "That's it!" All jokes aside very insightful video and that case looks amazing
Kyle Yt
Kyle Yt 2 天 前
You can just give it to me;)
P E C hub
P E C hub 2 天 前
P E C hub
P E C hub 2 天 前
Cachorro lento
Cachorro lento 3 天 前
eric mutahi
eric mutahi 3 天 前
What a painful video to watch
Messi Ahmad
Messi Ahmad 3 天 前
k1ngoftheun1verse 3 天 前
Do you make protective cases for the s20 fe.
k1ngoftheun1verse 3 天 前
Man I was rooting for the galaxy guess ceramic is stronger than victus.
Landon Street
Landon Street 3 天 前
Can you do some iPhone drop tests with casemate cases?
Bro i have 2gb mobile plzzz give me new mobile plzzzzz i need new mobile
Havish 3 天 前
iPhone 13 won’t come iPhone 14 will come
Warda Maxamuud
Warda Maxamuud 3 天 前
Please I don't have iPhone don't say that
Nel Amazon
Nel Amazon 3 天 前
Everyone watching this should also see CNET drop test 😂 I thought s21 ultra almost doesn’t need a case. See the difference of dropping phone on flat smooth garage floor and common sidewalk
Jacob Cortez
Jacob Cortez 3 天 前
Wow the iPhones front screen is stronger than Samsung’s
salman sallu
salman sallu 3 天 前
Bro plz give one phone
Aman 3 天 前
Little guy 😆😆😆😆
Big Basher
Big Basher 3 天 前
I buy a phone to use it as a phone. Not to drop it like a brick just to see how strong it is.
Bernard Mlinga
Bernard Mlinga 3 天 前
I would wish to be able to afford the iPhone 7 he's just dropping iPhone 12 Pro Max's
Salar shokrnezhad
Salar shokrnezhad 3 天 前
לירון 3 天 前
S21 ultra ouch
Annonymous 3 天 前
Give me if you Have extra money to waste.
DashFN69 天 前
@Annonymous he doesn't really have to give his money to you, as it is rightfully his, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do for content
Annonymous 2 天 前
@DashFN69 Cause if He has Extra Money to waste so give cause I need money to afford my education.
DashFN69 2 天 前
Why? It's his money
KING 3 天 前
The best
Ernidah Babat
Ernidah Babat 3 天 前
please give it to me 😭😂
Emerson Renaki
Emerson Renaki 3 天 前
He: drops iPhone from de ladder iPhone still ok Me: drop of my hand in a pillow and my device die
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